Building an NSG logger

My first attempt at a logger was for short term. It became apparent quite quickly that this wouldn't be a long standing solution to avoid the log analytics costs......................

The not so isolated risk of legacy systems

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is not just Vladimir Putin running Windows XP. Many continue to run the risk of keeping legacy systems within their production environment. I imagine for most; this has run through some sort of internal process where the risk has been accepted. If you yourself work within IT, it would be... Continue Reading →

What’s This About Zoom?

Zoom has helped millions stay in connect during these hard times and you can see why it was the preferred option. Other services such as Webex or Skype are just too clunky and in my opinion, the simplicity of Zoom was........

UhOh365 – O365 Enumeration

Email addresses are what malicious parties collect because the more they have, the more they can Phish/target. Having the ability to enumerate these without generating logging attempts would be a dream for them. Sure they could use other OSINT techniques and steal them, but guessing may be quicker and less work....

Check How Exposed Are You On The Internet

If you're a large organization, hiring a Cyber security firm to audit your security posture is a no brainer. Everything is exploitable and thinking that you are 100% secure nowadays is naive. You can purchase the best of the best security stack but no matter what, there will always be a weak chain somewhere. This is why these services exist. So that they help identify the gaps and help re-mediate them before someone malicious exploits them.

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