Phishing Posters

After the Facebook leak [] my phone has been getting smishing messages non stop. If I can help prevent one person from clicking that next link, it will be worth it.

Enabling Fingerprint Lock In WhatsApp

WhatsApps is already secured from a communication point of view due to end-to-end encryption being enabled by default. What is doesn't enable by default is the privacy lock. This means if someone was to use your phone, they could easily read your messages.......

Google Calendar – “Free iPhone Phish”

If suddenly you find that Google Calendar is telling you to pick up that iPhone 11 you've won, don't worry, you've not been hacked. Most likely what has happened is that a Phishermen has sent multiple calendar invites to you knowing that they can abuse Google Calendars default event settings.......

Fix A Slow Laptop (Windows)

After time, computers become slower. It’s a way of life. The more we use our laptops the more they move away from the original clean image. Think of it like a new house. When you first move in, everything is tidy, and the place looks fresh. Give it a year or two and the same house, looks complete different.......

Creating Secure Passwords

Although SSO, OTP and MFA are starting to become the norm, we are still reliant on passwords to secure our accounts. This is true for both our work and personal life. But how do you make a secure password?

Check How Exposed Are You On The Internet

If you're a large organization, hiring a Cyber security firm to audit your security posture is a no brainer. Everything is exploitable and thinking that you are 100% secure nowadays is naive. You can purchase the best of the best security stack but no matter what, there will always be a weak chain somewhere. This is why these services exist. So that they help identify the gaps and help re-mediate them before someone malicious exploits them.

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