Malicious Parties Phishing With The “Corona Cure”

As the pandemic continues, we are all looking for the latest information or data in order to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. You would have most likely seen an increase in emails from all the companies you associate with, giving you an update on what they are doing during this crisis.....

Obfuscation With PowerShell

Malicious parties might chose to encode their commands or scripts. The reason why is that if your auditing isn't up to scratch, it may go unseen. In some cases it can also help bypass the AV....

Stealing Passwords From Clipboard

Password Managers are brilliant! They allow users to create and use complex passwords because they give us a nice secure place to store them. Using Password managers also can also prevent users from writing them down or reusing passwords, which is a huge deterrent against hackers looking to compromise your accounts. It's a win, win....or... Continue Reading →

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