What’s A WAF

To put it simply, a WAF is a Web Application Firewall. It can help to fill in the security gaps which a traditional firewall can’t.

Personal Passwords At Work

Although many big companies like Microsoft are trying to eradicate the need for passwords, they are still heavily used to secure our accounts and systems. These accounts and systems can be for personal use or for work......

Hacking Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

“Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is the Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol, a standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based, firewall-friendly protocol that allows hardware and operating systems, from different vendors, to interoperate....

Windows Shell – Discovery Stage

Sometimes you don’t always need a Meterpreter shell. Depending on the intent, Netcat might be all you need. The benefit being that Windows Defender still doesn’t see Netcat as a threat which could get you a shell.......

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