Google Calendar – “Free iPhone Phish”

If suddenly you find that Google Calendar is telling you to pick up that iPhone 11 you've won, don't worry, you've not been hacked. Most likely what has happened is that a Phishermen has sent multiple calendar invites to you knowing that they can abuse Google Calendars default event settings.......

Hidden Eye – Advanced Phishing

HiddenEye is a modern-day phishing tool. The advanced capabilities and ease of use really make Phishing life simple. With just a few clicks, you can spin up a fake phishing site with keylogging capabilities. It is a really cool tool to use.....

How The Phishers Phish

When thinking of phishing, you might think of ‘Winning the Nigeran lottery’ or ‘Paying a small holding fee so that a prince can make you rich’. These were common attempts back in the day and the aim was to trick you so that you would send the scammer money. Since then, Phisher-men and women have evolved and are now using new techniques. What these people want though are very different things. Nowadays these types of attacks aim to steal personal details, credentials, money or even to infect the users machine......

Checking If A Site Or Email Is Genuine

Malicious parties are constantly trying to trick people in order to make some personal or financial gain. They spent quite a bit of time creating fake websites and spoofing emails in order to trick you into giving them information. This could be your payment information, credentials or other personal details that they can either use or sell. With all this going on, how can you be sure that those emails and links are genuine?

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