The not so isolated risk of legacy systems

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is not just Vladimir Putin running Windows XP. Many continue to run the risk of keeping legacy systems within their production environment. I imagine for most; this has run through some sort of internal process where the risk has been accepted. If you yourself work within IT, it would be... Continue Reading →

Windows Defender: Why Check Your Exclusions

Windows Defender is integrated with Windows 10, so it's no wondering it's up there for the most popular Anti-virus solution. Once you login to your new Windows 10 machine, it's pretty much ready to go. The plus side is that Defender is a pretty solid AV and if you look at Gartner, they even rate them as the best......

Windows Shell – Discovery Stage

Sometimes you don’t always need a Meterpreter shell. Depending on the intent, Netcat might be all you need. The benefit being that Windows Defender still doesn’t see Netcat as a threat which could get you a shell.......

Fix A Slow Laptop (Windows)

After time, computers become slower. It’s a way of life. The more we use our laptops the more they move away from the original clean image. Think of it like a new house. When you first move in, everything is tidy, and the place looks fresh. Give it a year or two and the same house, looks complete different.......

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